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Providing veterinary care to the dogs & cats belonging to underpriviledged communities in Vanuatu.  We run free sterilisation programs & provide care for sick & injured animals.   We are a not-for-profit charity, purely funded by donations.


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Getting Involved

How you can help


There are so many avenues to helping us, from field work, fundraising, admin, one off projects…there is something to suit everyone.   You can register your interest or contact anyone on the committee and have a chat.


The more money we have, the more services we provide and the wider our reach can be.   But you can also donate your time, or pet food, pet medications, transport.    Talk to us and explore the options easiest for you.

On-going Projects

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This is such a critical activity to help the animals from continuous breeding cycles and unwanted litters.   Our volunteers collect animals from various villages and drive them to the clinic for surgery.

book sales

We receive donated good quality used books which we onsell to generate income.   We sell books at suitable locations.   We regularly need to manage this revenue stream.


We do not have a traditional shelter to keep strays.   We rely on the kindness of the community to house and care for strays until we have found a forever home.   


Fundraising is vital to our existence as we do not receive Govt funding.   The more money we raise, the more animals we help.   There are various ways to help – reach more to find out how.

admin support

We are always busy with various projects.   Please ask us to put your name on our register if you are unable to do field work but want to help with admin.


If you have a flair for, or inexperience in  marketing, we would love to have ideas on broadening our marketing and community reach.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Reducing unwanted litters, improving the health & wellbeing of animals and educating the community on care and compassion.


All donations are welcome however Sam’s Animal welfare prefers to receive monetary donations rather than veterinary supplies so we can obtain items that the animals of Vanuatu really need. If you are wishing to donate supplies please contact us first so we can advise on supplies that are in need. 

Sam’s animal welfare raises a small amount of funds through the sale of second hand books at Jill’s Café so books are also a very welcome donation.

We thank you on behalf of the animals of Vanuatu for your support.
You can send your donations to the bank account below.
Name of Account: Sams Animal Welfare
Account number: 000472381010018

meet the Committee







Dr Karin

Veterinarian, Founding Member

Dr Ian

Veterinarian, Biosecurity


Founding Member






Sams’ animal welfare works closely with the Veterinary Clinic based in Port Vila. Every Wednesday mornings are dedicated to providing free desexing of local ni-Vanuatu animals. Local dedicated volunteers pick up animals needing desexing in the Port Vila area and deliver them to the clinic early on Wednesday mornings for desexing. At the same time all animals are wormed and treated for mange if necessary. They are then dropped home in the mid-afternoon.

We don’t run a traditional dog shelter, but we are often given abandoned dogs and unwanted puppies and kittens to rehome. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, why not get in touch through our facebook page or click on the contact on this page. All our adoptees are sterilised, vaccinated and wormed so a nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of these treatments.

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You can keep in touch via Facebook, Messenger, or feel free to email us anytime.

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