To initiate dog and cat desexing programs to allow the sterilization of stray animals or for animals belonging to people who would not otherwise afford the cost of the sterilization on their family pets.

To educate the community in regards to the humane treatment and management of animals.

To provide veterinary care for sick and injured animals for stray animals or for pets belonging to people who would not otherwise be able to afford veterinary treatment.

To provide a community service so that unwanted, severely injured or diseased animals can be humanely put to sleep.

To continually fund raise to insure that there is enough funds to support the aims above.


The idea of helping animals in Vanuatu started with a widow’s generosity after the death of her husband. Because of their shared love of animals and in the memory of her husband,



Sam’s animal welfare dispatches mobile veterinary clinics in villages around Efate bringing vital veterinary treatment to isolated communities. In these clinics our main focus is on the desexing of cats and dogs to reduce animal populations, which in turn helps to keep the whole community healthy. Sick and injured animals are also checked and treated. Pups and kittens are given worm medicines and treated for fleas and ticks.

Our clinics are therefore a great opportunity for villagers whose dogs and cats would otherwise never receive veterinary treatment. We are also able to provide humane euthanasia for animals which have been badly injured or are suffering from terminal illnesses.


Sams’ animal welfare works closely with the Veterinary Clinic based in Port Vila. Every Wednesday mornings are dedicated to providing free desexing of local ni-Vanuatu animals. Local dedicated volunteers pick up animals needing desexing in the Port Vila area and deliver them to the clinic early on Wednesday mornings for desexing. At the same time all animals are wormed and treated for mange if necessary. They are then dropped home in the mid-afternoon.

We don’t run a traditional dog shelter, but we are often given abandoned dogs and unwanted puppies and kittens to rehome. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, why not get in touch through our facebook page or click on the contact on this page. All our adoptees are sterilised, vaccinated and wormed so a nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of these treatments.


All donations are welcome however Sam’s Animal welfare prefers to receive monetary donations rather than veterinary supplies so we can obtain items that the animals of Vanuatu really need. If you are wishing to donate supplies please contact us first so we can advise on supplies that are in need. 

Sam’s animal welfare raises a small amount of funds through the sale of second hand books at Jill’s Café so books are also a very welcome donation. 

We thank you on behalf of the animals of Vanuatu for your support.

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